2020 Mazda Sprint Series Regulations

1 - Entry
1.1 - Drivers must have a full, valid driving licence for the class of vehicle being used. an MSA race licence may be used as proof of competence but does not count as a competition licence for our events.
1.2 - All entries, payments and registrations are made via the JSS website www.JapaneseSprintSeries.com
1.3 - Registrations for championship points must be completed no later than one week after Round 3 has taken place. Registration after that point will not be possible.
2 – Class Structure
A - MX5 Non Standard Engines & forced induction
B1M - MX5 2000 (Modified)
B1S - MX5 2000 (Standard)
B2M - MX5 1800 (Modified)
B2S - MX5 1800 (Standard)
B3M - MX5 1600 (Modified)
B3S - MX5 1600 (Standard)
C1M - RX8 (Modified)
C1S - RX8 (Standard)
M - Other Mazda Vehicle
Standard / Lightly Modified
Accepted: After Market Exhaust, Road Tyres, After Market Air Filter, After Market Brake Pads and hoses, Induction Kit.
Accepted: Track Tyres, Coil Overs/ springs, Anti Roll Bars, Bucket Seat/Harness, Up Graded Brake Callipers. Head skim, After Market Exhaust manifold. (Some special version of cars will be included as Modified i.e. RS and Mazda Speed).
Additional classes can be setup if there is demand, please contact Javelin Trackdays Ltd for more information.
3 - Championship & Points
3.1 - Drivers can register to score points in the Mazda Sprint Series by paying a small fee, registrations will be accepted up to one week after the completion of round 3.
3.2 - Competitors must have competed in at least 3 rounds to be considered for the championship trophies at the end of the year.
3.3 - Championship points will be awarded with 100 Points for 1st, 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd, etc
3.4 - Championship Trophies will be presented to the 3 highest scoring drivers that qualify overall in the series and within each class.
3.5 - Competitors may change their class and retain their points however all points will be applied to the highest class entered at any point of the series.
3.6 - Championship points will be awarded with 100 Points for 1st, 99 for 2nd, 98 for 3rd, etc
3.7 - Championship awards will be presented at an end of season presentation at the final round.
3.8 - Competitors are only eligible to score points in the vehicle they have registered for the day.
3.9 - Championship points are gathered from the competitors best 5 results over the year. Competitors that have scored in more than 5 events can drop their lowest score.
4 - Vehicles
4.1 - Vehicles must comply with the regulations as set out on www.JapaneseSprintSeries.com
4.2 - Vehicles must have sufficient practical roll over protection to compete, see the Roll Over Protection page.
Javelin Trackdays reserves the right to amend or change these regulations as needed to ensure the fair running of the series.