The Championship

Do I need to enter the championship ?

You are automatically entered into the championship if you compete on an event (providing you score points)


What awards are there at the end of the year ?

We award trophies for the top 3 overall in the series followed by a trophy for each individual class winner, 2nd in class will recieve a trohpy if there are 4+ in the class and 3rd in class will get a trophy if there are are 6+ in the class.


How are the points calculated ?

Points are awarded based on your overall finishing position on the event with 60 points for 1st overall, 59 for 2nd, 58 for 3rd, etc.


Do we get any bonus points ?

Anyone who scores points in all 6 rounds will get a one off bonus of 30 points at the end of the year to reward those who have commited to the full series.


When do we get our trophies ?

There is an awards presentation at the end of each event and then at the final round there will be the championship awards presented shortly after the event awards. You will need to attend the awards presentation to collect your trophy, they will not be available after the event.