The Events

What is the schedule for the day ?

Times may vary between venues but the structure for the day is basically as below :

Scutineering & Signing on - Get the car checked over and adrivers signed on for the event.

Briefing - Outlines whats going to happen on the day, procedures, etc.

Sighting Laps - Everyone follows the safety car in a convoy for several laps to see the circuit/conditions.

Practice Run - All competitors are permitted a single untimed practice run.

Timed Runs - All competitors take part in up to 8 timed runs which determine the results for the day.


Timed Runs - All competitors take part in up to 8 timed runs which determine the results for the day.

Awards Presentation


What is the layout of each venue ?

The airfield courses are set up using the exisiting roads on the venues with cones, blocks, poles, etc used to define track limits and direction changes. The circuits are run largely untouched with perhaps the odd cone to make sure that corners aren't cut.


Will I be penalised for hitting any equipment/leaving the track ?

It is intended that competitors stay within the track limits and do not cause disruption for cars that are following them so if a vehicle is deemed to have gained an advantage  i.e. more than 2 wheels off or they have hit something i.e. cones then their time is not recorded and they are awarded a void run instead. This is because a cone in the middle of the track is likely to interfere with vehicles behind and with potentially up to 3-4 vehicles following on track this can significantly delay the day if those runs are scrapped and reruns have to take place. The intention is that you stay on the track and not touch any of the equipment in place. There is also the side effect that you will benefit the other competitors by allowing them to partake in a rerun and potentially allowing them to overtake you in the results.


How long will I be there ?

Sprint events are a full day affair so you can expect to be at the venue from approximately 07:30-17:30. Events will start with a scrutineering and signing on period followed by a safety briefing at around 8:45 and then sighting laps with the first run starting around 9:30. Runs are completed in order so all competitors will complete run 1 before moving onto run 2, etc. Runs will always cease by 17:00 (if they haven't already been completed) and the awards presentation will take place.


When do I need to enter ?

Entries need to be made by the day before each event so that we can finalise entry lists, etc.


When does the Book Early Price end ?

Entries at the Book Early Price of £139 will last until one week before the event at which time the price will increase to £159 per entry. This is to encourage people to enter in good time as experience tells us that most people like to leave it until late, similar events require you to commit to several events at a time or enter several weeks in advance so rather than closing entries much earlier we will impose a financial incentive to encourage earlier entry.


Do I have to be there first thing ?

As early as possible, yes. We are required to scuntineer all vehicles before they can compete, if you have not gone through scrutineering before it closes then you will not be able to take part in the event. If everyone arrived 30 minute before scrutineering closed there would be no way to process that many vehicles in the time allowed and it would severely delay the track time of the event so you need to be there as early as possible so we can get everyone through.


Can I turn up later and get a later safety briefing ?

You are required to attend the one and only morning briefing and it is your responsibility to ensure you attend, if you do not then it is extremely unlikely you will then be permitted to participate in the event.


Do I need a timing strut ?

The timing is managed by timing beams at the start and finish, these detect when any point of a vehicle breaks the beam so an additional timing strut is not required.


Do I need to display some numbers ?

You will need to display competition numbers on the side of your vehicle throughout the event, these will be allocated and provided for you on the day in the form of door plates. It is required that these are displayed as supplied throughout the event, if you do not wish to attach stickers to your vehicle then we advise you mount them on a magnetic backing so you can easily remove them after the event is concluded.


Do I need to wear racing overalls ?

You can do if you want to but we only require that you wear normal clothes that cover your arms and legs unless you are in a class where flameproof overalls are required.


Can I have a passenger ?

Passengers are not permitted on a competition event.


Can I bring people to watch ?

Spectators are welcome to attend and there is no fee to do so however anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and pets are not permitted on any of the venues under any circumstances. The circuit venues will usually have spectator facilities in place so you can view from several areas but some of the venues i.e. Woodbridge, Blyton Park will generally just have the one area available. Please note that animals are not permitted at any motorsport venue.